Transcot for SIMATIC S7 ver 1.3
Tools for Reports and ANalySis of the COmmenTs for SIMATIC S7

In order to work  with Transcot for  SIMATIS S7  you must obtain on " Machine's License".
The objective of "Machine's License" is that one to contain the final cost  of the program. 
To the scope, parmeters of activation of License are, the Society, User and the fisical machine on wich it turns the software. To every start of program the Identity of the Hardware (HardwareID)  is confronted with that one in license is found. If HardwareID coresponds to that  presente in License the programme is started.

To Obtain a valid licence of Transcot for SIMATIC S7, you must supply at the moment of the order, the HardwareID of the machine on wich the program is installet. It wathches the Forum for  greater information  on like  found HardwareID.

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