Transcot for SIMATIC S7 ver 1.3
Tools for Reports and ANalySis of the COmmenTs for SIMATIC S7
Trascot, the tool for those people that work with machinery in logic PLC of the SIEMENS - SIMATIC S7.  Purpose of Transcot is to verify, to correct and to certify the part comments, of an application written for PLC in language SIMATIC S7.

Who is, the user typical of Transcot:
  • The programmer, of automatic installation and machine with the exigency to comment and to document, to the best applications for PLC, written in SIMATIC S7.
  • The supplier, of automatic installation and machine, that it needs a procedure of acceptance, verification and certification of the qualitative level reached by the documentation.
  • The end Customer, that needs to verify the adequacy of the documentation received to outfit of the automatic installation or machine.
Download Transcot
Transcot required the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 to work.
Download and it installs the Framework and the desired language pack.
Download the free demo, and verifies your code S7  Buy Now!

Available filters of verification/correction in the version 1.3
Dictionary Section - Correction Function: Spell Correct AWL Comment, Spell Correct AWL Title, Spell Correct Symbolic Comment.  Report Function: Spell Check AWL Comment, Spell Check AWL Title, Spell Check Symbolic Comment.  Available languages:  de-DE, en-AU, en-CA, en-GB, en-US, es-ES, es-MX, fr-FR, it-IT, PLC
Source AWL section - Correction Function: Make compatible S7 ver 5.1, Fill TITLE of Not Used Network, Fill empty TITLE with Symbol Comment.  Report Function: Local Var without Comments, UDT without Comments, DB without Comments, Operand without Comments, Empty network [without comments], Empty TITLE [or comment] of OB,FB,FC that in network have  U,UN,O,ON,A,A,=,S,R,T,L, Search empty TITLE [or comment] with [empty network],  search sub string in comment.
Symbol section: - Correction Function: Fill empty without comment, Fill Mx,T,Z,not/used has prefix, Fill I/O not/used has prefix,Delete symbol Mx,T,Z not used, Delete Symbol I/O not used. Report Function: Symbol without comment, Symbol comment length < N, Symbol name I/O Positional, Symbol Mx,T,Z not used has prefix, Symbol I/O not used has prefix, Symbol Mx,T,Z not Used, Symbol I/O not used.
SICALIS pcm7 section - Correction Function: Correct Title_, First Column is Title_, Delete Title_ not used from SICALIS, Double Title_ into same Row, Common Beating Error in Title_, Correct Title_???<CR>text, Delete Title_??? Not Active, Insert Title_??? in Required Network, Fill empty Title_mmm with Title Network, Correct Title_???<SPC>text. Report Function: Not Title_??? for SICALIS, Not category_ for SICALIS, Verify Double Title_???, Title_mmm<> Title Network.